Royal colonial attitudes

Official documents reveal that Buckingham Palace implemented a policy to ban people of colour from getting office roles exposing an ingrained attitude towards white supremacy.

Priceless artefacts

After growing international pressure, Germany is to return Nigerian artefacts that were stolen during the colonial era.

Myanmar protesters in Thailand demonstrating against the military coup.

Bloody streets of Myanmar

Number of deaths among protesters and civilians rises rapidly as Myanmar’s military continues their crackdown against political opponents amid potential civil war.

Disney’s Southeast Asia

Raya and the Last Dragon is Disney’s first motion picture inspired solely by Southeast Asia but faces criticism for a lack of accurate regional representation.

Archipelago ownership

UN court has ruled the British sovereignty over the Chagos Islands for unjust backing Mauritius, pushing Britain and America to return the archipelago.

The Arctic battle

Greenland has called for an extraordinary vote as turmoil between parties and an indecisive stance to a mining project has turned government weak.

Rawiri Waititi

Tie down

Māori MP was expelled from New Zealand parliament Question Time for refusing to change hei tiki with tie. Colonial dress code rule is now revised.

An apology

Danish prime minister sends official apology on behalf of Denmark to 22 Greenlanders who were abducted for social experiment to ‘civilize’ them in the 1950s.

Path of independence

A new shift of leadership in Greenland’s political top may fuel more energy into the country’s current process of independence from the Kingdom of Denmark.

Britannia rules the Nordic waves

The United Kingdom is making fishing agreements with several countries near and within arctic territories on its’ aim to restore former self-proclaimed imperial glory.

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