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Founding Editor-In-Chief

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Deputy Editor


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Editorial Assistant/Journalist

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Lasse Sørensen (Founding Editor-In-Chief)

Suvi Loponen (Deputy Editor)

Lasse Sørensen

Lasse Sørensen is a Danish journalist living in Copenhagen. He is the co-founder and an editor-in-chief for the Postcolonial. Other than editing and publishing content from our talented contributors, Lasse frequently produce journalistic products for the Postcolonial. His key responsibilities include managing the website, create multimedia content and fundraising.

Lasse mainly focuses on issues in Southeast Asia. He keeps a sharp eye on Indonesia, Thailand, Singapore, and Myanmar. His key interests include postcolonial tendencies, human rights issues, and Western business interference in the region.

His work has been featured in multiple publications including, Danish daily Politiken, the award-winning University Post, foreign affairs focused Globalnyt, Indonesian feminist publication Magdalene and major Swedish broadcast channel SVT.

He is a Bachelor of Arts in Indonesian/Southeast Asia studies with electives in comparative culture studies from University of Copenhagen, Master of Arts in the Psychology of language with electives in video journalism at University of Copenhagen and Monash University in Australia and a Master of Science in Investigative Journalism from the University of Gothenburg in Sweden.

Suvi Loponen

Suvi Loponen is a Finnish journalist, currently residing in the UK, with vast international experience from print and multimedia journalism. 

She’s currently a co-editor for the Postcolonial alongside working as a freelance journalist for local government and environmental publications. 

Suvi has completed a BA(hons) in Journalism, Creative Writing and History in University of Strathclyde, Glasgow, and MSc in Investigative Journalism at University of Gothenburg. 

Alongside her media experience, Suvi has worked in the charity sector and is experienced in fundraising and marketing, which helps with establishing The Postcolonial in these respects as well