Crypto Road


Citizens of some developing nations have more faith in cryptocurrencies than their national currencies, despite them being banned in one country and forced upon the population in another, while at the same time accused of being illicit financial tools.

The Troublesome History of Columbus Day and the “Discovery” of America

It’s been claimed that an Italian friar wrote about the existence of “lands beyond the Atlantic Ocean” over a century before Christopher Columbus arrived in America.

On the day celebrating Columbus, we can question whether it matters which European arrived to America first, as it had already been discovered by the people inhabiting it.

Women’s representation in climate action

Women from different backgrounds in a climate demonstration standing with signs.

International climate action fails to include women in the decision making, despite women often being much more vulnerable to climate change than men. Why is it necessary for this to change?

COVID-19 Diplomacy

Tsai Ing Wen

With Western countries primarily looking to supply their own with vaccine doses, China, India and Russia have scored diplomatic points by distributing their vaccines globally.