Guidelines for Opinion Pieces

The Postcolonial accepts opinion pieces from anyone. We rarely publish content from anonymous sources or authors, so please file in your full name, work position or academic degree when submitting your contribution.

Pitch your idea

Use the field on the right to pitch your idea for an opinion piece. In a few sentences or bullet points, let us know what you’d like to write about, what approach or point of view you will articulate, and why you see this topic as important for our audience.

A member of our staff will then look through your piece and approve it if we find it applicable for The Postcolonial. Don’t hesitate to send your idea. We are quite large and will support your effort to get your piece published.

Unfortunately, we do not have funds to pay for your article.

Guidelines for Writing an Opinion Piece

If your idea is accepted, here are guidelines to follow in writing the piece:

  • Opinion pieces should be 400-800 words, unless instructed otherwise by the editorial staff.

  • Opinion pieces should draw on a mix of facts, statistics, anecdotes, and experiences to make their case. Wherever possible, cite and/or link to the sources for these.

  • Keep in mind that our audience is diverse–in the cultures and identities with which they identify, where they live, how old they are, their professional backgrounds, etc. Pieces should be engaging and meaningful to readers across this diverse spectrum.

  • Like all editorial content, opinion pieces will be edited by The Postcolonial’s editorial staff. Writers should expect to address questions, do revisions, and otherwise be involved in the editorial process.
You can reach us with this email if you have any questions: editorial@thepostcolonial.org

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